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The Traffic Source is the most exclusive referral only email traffic generating service in the world. By delivering only the highest quality and targeted traffic available we have grown from delivering only 50k clicks a month to over 4 million a month in a matter of years.

If you have been referred to our site please register and contact us in our back office and you will be given direct contact to our team via Skype or Facebook.

Why You’ll never need another Traffic Source

  • Scalability – Having delivered 3 million clicks in a month we can handle any size orders while maintaining quality.
  • Exclusive Publishers – We have exclusive relationships with publishers leaving us in control how often any offer sees the list. This in return ensures there will be no Saturation for any offer.
  • Battle Tested Traffic – We put all publishers through a vigorous testing period to make sure quality is not only there to start, but over time
  • The Freshest Data – Our publishers add thousands of new subscribers daily, so you’ll always have fresh eyes seeing your offers.


How do we generate our traffic and why is it the BEST?

We generate all our clicks from mailing lists of product owners in a similar or related niches.

What that means: over the years At The Traffic Source we have have scaled to the point that some of our original buyers who started out buying just 1k clicks a week have now progressed to the point of in some cases buying over 100k clicks a week!

With that they generate tons of “partials” or “subscribers” on their own mailing lists. After showing them their own offers sometimes they sell us clicks from their lists!

This generally works great because these people were initially interested in a similar product to yours but just did not feel a connection with the product owners options.

This works out great for YOU because they are already interested and just are looking for the right business match – that’s yours!

Are you a mailer?

Are you looking to monetize your list! If you can make it though our vigorous testing program we can match you up with offers that your list has never seen making both you AND the advertiser money! Hit us up and lets chat!

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